Our Mexico import season is getting underway. We will start arrivals in McAllen of berries and cucumbers. Cucumbers are Persian and Long English. The berries will be focusing on blueberries and strawberries with some black berries.

We have been focusing on developing business for certified organic fruits and vegetables. We will have certified organic Persian and Long English cucumbers, Strawberries, and blueberries.

Cucumbers have become a solid and growing program for us. About ¼ is from our own farm and the rest is “partner growers”. We will have supplies coming through McAllen on a year-around basis though we can send loads to other ports of entry such as Nogales if need be. Some of our partner growers and already been producing on a year-around basis. For 2018 we will be going year-around on our own farm as well.

Cucumbers start arriving later this week:
Persian cucumber – conventional and organic.
Long English – organic only

Berries start at the end of this week:
Blueberries – conventional and organic.
Strawberries – conventional and organic
Blackberries – conventional and organic

Avocados – Expect to have Michoacan Hass coming in before January. This will be conventional and probably organic as well.

We have been set price and volume contracts for:
Persian cuke – conventional and orgic.
Long English cuke– organic
Blackberries – organic

Let me know your thoughts and interest on these . . . . very happy to discuss these items or any of our other items you are interested in.

Thank you,