Jim Pandol travels the world searching out unique and flavorful products and the best values for you. The special effort is ingrained into him from his father and grandfather. This is a personal quest coming from his background in food production and distribution to bring something special to your family’s table. Enjoy!!


Jim Pandol’s Table Grapes



Sweet BabyDolls Seedless Table Grapes


SWEET BABIES grapes are grown naturally. These grapes are as of nature and God intended them to be – grown without chemicals and hormones to increase their size. Though small, the flavor of the grape is concentrated and intensified in the sweet little berry.


Jim Pandol’s Seedless Persian Cucumbers


Baby Dolls Seedless Baby Cucumbers


Baby Dolls Strawberries


Sweet Cheeks Honey Dew Melons


SWEET CHEEKS honey dew melons are specially grown and specially selected at harvest to be the most flavorful possible. These are truly a special eating experience.