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With many years of experience in the produce industry, our managers and staff have a level of expertise to select, pack, and deliver to our clients products that they need that is right for their particular market. We work tirelessly to create value and pass it on to our customers.

Marketing Updates

October 2016

As we come into the end of the year we have still our California grapes moving. In the next couple of weeks, our Baby Dolls naturals will be coming to an end, but we will be continuing on with conventional grapes such as the Scarlet Royal, Crimson, Autumn King grapes in the next couple months.

We are excited to announce that we’ve been working on our expansion of our Mexican vegetables and berries. There will be an increase in blackberries and strawberries. The blackberries will be available this month and the strawberries in December. Distribution for most of these fruits will start in the McAllen, Texas area and be moved throughout the US and Canada. Our focus will be to develop business into the central and eastern US and Canada.

For our vegetables, we have the Persian cucumbers and soon we will also provide some American cucumbers. Expect a significant increase in our colored bell pepper program. As the year closes, tomatoes will also be available, with the same distribution process as our berries.